• Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid  33,95,000
        • ​​​​​1600 CC Powerfull Engine
        • ​European Car
        • ​Entry Label Sedan

  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        Octavia  71,95,000
        • Premium Sedan
        • 1800cc Powerful Engine
        • ​​European car​​
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        Yeti  77,50,000
        A stylish SUV with an urban design and off-road equipment
        • ​European Compact SUV          
        • ​Powerfull Diesel Engine
        • Vario Flex Seat System


  1. Why SKODA Rapid & SKODA Fabia are imported from India when the other cars of SKODA are imported from Czech Republic?
    We import high end car like SKODA Superb, Yeti & Laura from Czech and fast moving car like Rapid & Fabia from India to ensure lower cost and faster delivery time as it is a higher volume car. 
  2. Will it be easy to resell this car later?
    Yes, the quality of SKODA products is well-known in Nepal and resale values are high for SKODA cars. Further, in order to ensure that it is easy for you to upgrade to another car within SKODA, we have tied up with several reconditioned houses in Nepal and offer you a buyback guarantee on your old SKODA car
  3. Will I be able to finance my purchase of SKODA Car?
    Yes, we have a system of upto 80% finance with 10 % interest rate. To be eligible, you have to be a permanent resident of Kathmandu with a sufficient earning source. In order to make this process hassle-free, we have tied up with several banks and we also have a specialist who will guide you through the process
  4. Is there a discount that I can avail of?
    Yes, we can provide certain amount discounts on cash purchase
  5. What is the cost of maintaining SKODA Car?
    Because of the high quality of our parts, wear and tear is lower than in other cars. 
  6. How is the service backup for SKODA Car?
    We have a state-of-the-art service centre in Dhobighat with modern diagnostics. If you would like, we can give you a tour of the facility.
  7. What is the warranty offered on the product?
    We offer a two year warranty on any manufacturing defects on all our spares. This offer is applicable on unlimited kms 
  8. How many free servicings can I avail of?
    We offer 4 free servicings  
  9. What is the insurance and registration process?
    Registration will be done by the company itself and the insurance costs will be paid by the customer
  10. What is the company behind SKODA?
    MAW Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. which is a 50 Years old established pioneer in the automobile industry. With total turnover around 500 crores annually with around 5 lakhs of satisfied customers all over Nepal
  11. Do your cars come on trucks from the border?
    No, well-trained drivers drive the car and they ensure that the car does not suffer any wear and tear. After the car reaches here, we perform a complete refurbishment to make the car as good as new