• Rapid
      • Rapid
        Rapid  33,95,000
        • ​​​​​1600 CC Powerfull Engine
        • ​European Car
        • ​Entry Label Sedan

  • Octavia
      • Octavia
        Octavia  71,95,000
        • Premium Sedan
        • 1800cc Powerful Engine
        • ​​European car​​
  • Yeti
      • Yeti
        Yeti  77,50,000
        A stylish SUV with an urban design and off-road equipment
        • ​European Compact SUV          
        • ​Powerfull Diesel Engine
        • Vario Flex Seat System

Now each SKODA customer will aid to save the environment

ŠKODA’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav has invested 66 million Euro for environment friendly measures ‘GreenFuture’, ‘GreenFactory’, ‘GreenProduct’ and ‘GreenRetail’. Under the strategy ‘GreenFuture’, ŠKODA aims to make its models even more fuel-efficient and to organize the use of resources in an even more sustainable fashion. One of the focuses in production: until 2018, ŠKODA wants to lower the energy and water use as well as the waste and emission quantities by 25 percent per vehicle. To save fuel and emit less greenhouse gases, ŠKODA has been focusing on Green Line models and cars with Green technology which need much more than just the state- of -the art turbocharged engines with direct fuel injection. The Green Line models represent the perfect choice for drivers who put frugality and environmental friendliness on the first place. With economic engines and whole range of modern space saving technologies, like brake energy recuperation, start-stop system or low rolling resistance tyres, ŠKODA helps preserve the environment as well as reduce financial burden to customers. “With ‘GreenFuture’, ŠKODA will offer particularly environmentally-friendly automobiles and to manufacture and sell them in an even more sustainable fashion. ‘GreenFuture’ is a clear, measurable commitment by the company and its employees toward environmental protection” says ŠKODA’s Chairman of the Board, Prof. Dr. h. c. Winfried Vahland. Also, ŠKODA employees at its plant have been actively participating in environment protection since 2007. For every car bought in the Czech Republic, ŠKODA employees have planted a tree in the country and so far, around 363,000 trees have been planted and this year another 60,000 seedlings are on their way. Similarly, the new PXL servo press line was installed at ŠKODA’s main plant in Mladá Boleslav. Through energy recuperation and storage, the servo-mechanical press line is up to 15 percent more economical and at the same time faster. ŠKO-ENERGO is another method adapted for replacing coal with biomass in the form of wood pellets to heat the ŠKODA factory in Mladá Boleslav. This effort reduces CO2-emissions from the production process by around 45,000 tons of CO2 annually. ‘GreenFactory’ is the measure for economical use of resources in production. ŠKODA tries to minimize the impact of actions on environment and ensure the highest possible recyclability of all products. ŠKODA also pays great attention to the fate of cars after the end of their useful life, either by their disposal or maximum use (maximum of 95% recyclability) of recyclable materials. ‘GreenProduct’ aims to speed up its efforts with regard to fuel consumption and the emissions of its model range while ‘GreenRetail’ concerns the environmental protection in dealerships and repair workshops as well as environmentally friendly sales and customer service. In Nepal too, following the steps taken by its global pant, MAW Enterprises Private Limited (MAW), authorized distributor of Skoda in Nepal tied up with International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) to improve air quality in Nepal. The ŠKODA Division of MAW will provide a financial contribution of 1.5 million Nepalese rupees on an ICIMOD project related to reducing black carbon and air pollution for a period of one year starting from January 2013. ŠKODA as a responsible car and its customers being responsible global citizen would preserve environment by contributing eco-friendly stoves to households of rural Nepal in order to improve air quality by reducing the emission of carbon particles through stoves and the volume of such savings would be much higher than actual carbon particulars emitted by ŠKODA cars.